Top 5 Reasons You Need to Run

Any given runner is usually eager to talk about the fact that running is the best sport. However, what’s not as often talked about is the actual details behind that statement. Here is that five reasons which make running the single best sport in the world!

5: The Fun Factor

One of the biggest issues with any workout is keeping up with it. People are usually quick to drop any kind of effective workout. However, there’s one big caveat when it comes to this rule. If a workout is actually fun, it’s easy to keep up with. And this is a prime reason why running is the best sport. It’s a sport that’s simply fun to participate in. The training and the execution are so similar that unlike many sports it’s always fun. The people involved are also far more community oriented than with most sports. The amount of participation and socializing keeps it fun, and keeps people coming back for more.

4: Full Body Workout

Quite a few sports only provide exercise for a few body parts. Even the exceptions usually place too much stress on a few areas while only working the other muscles on rare occasion. One of the great things about running is that it involves the full body in constant motion. In fact, this makes it closer to the natural workout of ancient humanity. Running is, in many ways, a return to the kind of exercise and sport that made humanity human in the first place. In a very real sense it’s the sport people were made to participate in.

3: Running for Heart Health

As mentioned before, the whole body is important. However, there’s one part of the body which deserves special attention. It’s also a part of the body which isn’t impacted much by most sports. The most important area of the body is the heart, and the most important sport for a healthy heart is running. The big secret here is an increased heart rate. Running brings the heart rate up in a safe and natural way which helps it in the same way that it would any other muscle. Someone who participates in running will build up the strength of their heart as the strength of the rest of their body increases. This is in contrast to most sports, where the direct impact on the heart is fairly minor.

2: A Better Sex Life

There’s more than one meaning to heart health. While running is great for the physical heart, it’s also great for the metaphorical aspects of the heart as well. Romantically, runners gain a huge benefit from the sport. There’s quite a few reasons for this, but much of it comes down to the cardiovascular benefits. A healthy heart increases circulation, and this ends up providing benefits in a number of ways that can improve one’s love life. In fact, studies have shown that runners over 40 will typically have a sex drive closer to that of someone 20 years younger.

1: Slow Down Aging

There’s quite a few promises out there for a fountain of youth. Most of these fail to really pan out. One of the few exceptions is running. A recent study from Harvard found that people who participated in running on a regular basis were able to stave off many negative effects of aging. The reason is clear from the other examples. Basically, running impacts every aspect of one’s body in a positive way. It even helps motivate people socially and romantically, which provides a great workout for one’s mind as well. This all comes together to slow down or even prevent many aspects of aging. It also ends up ensuring that one’s later years are filled with an amazing sport and a great community. The fact that running can even impact the aging process shows why it’s the best sport.

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